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Home CCTV - Complying with the Data Protection Act

If you are considering a home CCTV system to protect your possessions,
there a few points to keep in mind. Our Bristol based engineers are up to
date with all the requirements of the Data Protection Act, however it can
be handy to know a bit more about the Act before having a CCTV system installed in your home or surrounding gardens.

Our home CCTV systems have been proven in real-life scenarios to protect people and property to the highest of standards.

Home CCTV Bristol
Unsure if CCTV is a good idea for your home?
Working throughout the Bristol area, our home cctv installers can guide and advise you on any enquiry that you have regarding your chosen service.
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Featured Question
What steps do I need to take to make sure I comply with the Data Protection Act?
If you have made the decision to use home CCTV on your property, you should follow the steps below to ensure you are complying with the Data Protection Act. Our Bristol based engineers can help you with this using their expertise and knowledge of the industry.
Home CCTV Bristol
Think about which areas of your property need to be covered by CCTV. Can they be covered without also capturing neighbouring building or public areas? Can you avoid this? For further information speak to our Bristol based engineers.
Home CCTV Bristol
Take steps to inform users that the equipment is to operated in only the ways you intend. Ensure that everyone knows how important it is for the equipment not to be tampered with or misused.
Home CCTV Bristol
Consider hanging up signage to clearly alert others that home CCTV is in operation. If this is a practical option for your property, take the necessary steps to do so.
Home CCTV Bristol
Secure Data
As an operator of home CCTV, you must ensure that the footage you are recording is secure and held in a safe location. Only allow access to the footage to people who need it.
Bristol Home CCTV
Peace of Mind
Think of your neighbours and consider explaining what you are doing with your home CCTV. You may find that showing neighbours your footage may ease any concerns.
Bristol Home CCTV
Many home CCTV cameras can be set to control what you are recording. For example, recordings based on movement detection. Take steps to keep privacy intrusion to a minimum.
What is the Data Protection Act and when is home CCTV covered by it?
Almost all uses of CCTV will be covered by the Data Protection Act - the act generally controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government, but also covers home CCTV. The act also provides you with the right to view any information gathered about you, including such things as CCTV footage, or images that include information on your car number plate, for example.

The Data Protection Act also sets the rules which we all have to abide by when operating home CCTV.
If you are still unsure on what the Data Protection Act is and when home CCTV is covered by it, speak to one of our Bristol based engineers for more information.
Am I exempt from the Data Protection Act?

Home CCTV used on your property will be exempt from the Act unless your cameras capture footage from outside of your property. Some image over-spill sometimes cannot be helped, however it is worth knowing the facts before installing a home CCTV system.

In our experience we have seen many of our clients unsure on certain aspects of their home CCTV system regarding to data protection and this is why our Bristol based engineers or on hand to help you.

So, what do I need to check when using my home CCTV?
The main principal throughout the guidelines is to check that the footage your home CCTV is capturing is necessary, and not disproportionate to it's use.

There may be some questions you can ask yourself, including:
  Can I set my camera to avoid intruding my neighbours' property?
  Is there an alternative to a camera?
  What is the most privacy friendly way to set my cameras up?
What should I do if my camera does capture footage beyond my property?
Although some image overspill cannot be helped, you do need to be aware that if your home CCTV covers any areas outside of your property, even partially, then it will no longer be exempt from the Data Protection Act. By all means, this does not mean that you are purposefully breaching the Act, however you will need to take some steps to comply with the DPA.

Providing you have taken steps to be compliant with the Data Protection Act and you have made changes to your CCTV cameras as to not directly focus on activity outside of your property, this is generally accepted and not seen as a breach of the act. For further information on what we can do for you, speak to our Bristol based engineers.
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